Virtual Event
The Life Giver Experience 2021
Virtual Event
APRIL 10 - 11 a.m. EST to 2 p.m.
An international network of ministry and medical partners equipped to empower patients, families, and caregivers to move from a devasting diagnosis to abundant living. Embracing the understanding that the diagnosis is not the beginning of the end, but a whole new beginning.
Purpose of TLGExp21:
To introduce patients, families, leaders, medical professionals, and caregivers to the principles that will enable them to live beyond the limits; limits imposed by self or others.
“Through Jim and The Life Givers Network® I’ve been empowered to live intentionally, facing my fears, changing my perspective, getting new vision for both myself and my group. I’ve come to realize there are treasures to be found in the darkness that we are sometimes called to walk through. I am always discovering more about God, about my walk with Him, and gaining new wisdom to provide others with a safe place to voice thoughts and feelings when encountering life challenges.” 
Diane Mueller, Caregiver and Group Leader

The Life Giver Experience

The chart shown has evolved from over 25 years of personal experience. It grew out of dealing with personal pain and  wrestling with questions such as:

*How bad is this going to be?
*How long do I have?
*Will life ever be normal again?
*Can I ever find peace?
*Is God really interested in my case?  *After all I have done, why would He be? *Is that really important? 
*What's going to happen to my family? *Where do I begin?
*Is there someone who can guide me toward a successful outcome? 

These and many other questions that have shaped The Life Giver Experience will all be covered during the conference. 

The Impact of the Experience

The journey that Dr. Jim has developed is a proven process that moves people from the devastation and shock of diagnosis to a place of having the opportunity to experience an abundant, extraordinary life -- often when people least expect it.

Along the way they can experience going from CHAOS to CALM to CLARITY to CONFIDENCE and then COMPENSATION.

For 30 years, Dr. Jim has been helping people who have been told things that have striped their hope away that it just doesn't have to be that way. Part of Dr. Jim’s "brand" has been knowing he is someone people can turn to when they are given devastating diagnoses that could mean they only have days, weeks, or months to live. The process he developed moves people from devastation to extraordinary living and includes moving people through the following phases:

Chaos - What happens after a devastating diagnosis? We'll help you learn how to get through this.

Calm - The spirit that we will seek to impart to those who attend and share how to get here and stay here.

Clarity – We'll help you understand how to know where you should be headed and how you can stay on that road.

Confidence - As people listen to what has happened with and for others, they will gain confidence from these real-life stories.

Compensation – Those attending will have their faith built which will in turn lead them to receive what is needed in their own lives. Some have experienced almost immediate life changes. They have gotten a clearer understanding of "Why" they are here and what they have been created to accomplish.  They learn about their uniqueness. And these things result in personal impact and a legacy left for many others including family, friends, and beyond.

The process Dr. Jim has developed after working with many people dealing with a myriad of issues is this: you CAN - Expect Hope Now.

A very present reality that changes perspective and can radically impact the outcome of any situation.

I've said it like this for many years --
    "Transforming the Journey and Changing the Outcomes."   Dr. Jim

That is the bottom line !!!

Why Attend TLGExp21?
We are committed to empowering and equipping you to live beyond all limits !

You can learn to “live” even when told you only have days, weeks, or months and there is nothing more to be done

You can shorten the learning curve because Dr. Jim was mentored for many years by a world leader in this specialty and has his own 25 plus years of personal and professional experiences.

Those who tap into the experience of “new life” usually experience “more time” as well, although there are no guarantees

You can learn it is possible to work on your dreams even when your illness may have you physically debilitated

You can experience “perfect peace” while dealing with the most difficult circumstances if you choose to do so

You can drastically reduce the grief normally associated with serious illness and provide those close to you with a positive legacy

You can live your life free from fear and become "Life Giver" yourself, helping others experience  these blessings also

“My experiences with Jim Henry and The Life Givers Network® have consistently underscored Jim’s passion and understanding for those walking through a life-threating crisis. This work reaches people facing great challenges and offers hope, healing, and the choice to live life to the fullest, making it a true gift from God.”
Rev. Rich Higby, Pastoral Care, Cornerstone Christian Church
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Ticket Pricing & Details
  • Conference Materials
  • Networking
All conference ticket sales are final and non-refundable. They can be credited toward another program.
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